Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lord your love is enough for me

As I prayed this morning, my heart was attracted to the first step of the 4 steps; “Come as you are I love you”. Because when I reflect on who I am, I can easily identify with the paralytic who was lowered before Jesus by four men. Paralysed by the history of my past, I am unable to do anything about who I have become! Wrong love, bad experiences, long periods of sinfulness have made be a distorted person inside. Even my desires are for the wrong things of life. Things other than the love of Jesus attract my innermost depths.

It is in this situation that I hear the voice of the Lord say, “Come as you are I love you”! I am called by the Lord to faith. Faith in His word and through it faith in His love. John 3:16 says “God so loved the world, that He sent His only Son, not to condemn it but to save it”. The love of Jesus is what I really need. It is enough for me. No, more than enough for me, for He says in John 10:10; “I have come to give life, and give it abundantly”. A love that would fill me and over flow from me is available to me from the heart of Jesus, even though my addictions and sinful past cries out for something else.

A journey of faith for me is to quietly and firmly accept this revelation from my Jesus into my heart this morning. “Lord your love is enough for me, no, more than enough for me, it is going to fill me, meet my innermost needs and overflow from me into the lives of others around me”

“And hope will not disappoint us as the love of God is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit” Romans 5:5


Felicia said...

As I read Thaththa's innermost thoughts and reflections, I am mostly touched by the gift of humility that the Lord has given him. It further strengthens the real meaning of 'Come as you are' and the depth of grace that he opens himself to, as he gives this truth to the Lord. Yes, JESUS IS TRULY ENOUGH and this is the essence of the GOOD NEWS! Thank you, Thaththa, for being His humble and obedient servant and for openly sharing in total humility.
Felicia, Sri Lanka

Kirk said...

What a great reflection, I agree fully with Felicia what humility and sincerity.

Recently I spent some time with our Parish Preist who is Franciscan from India.

He had been thaught by Fr Valooran at the Seminary and was relating to me similicity of the Preists at the DRC compared to some of the other lay preachers in India.

It struk me that the humility that our leader's in the CRL continue to demonstrate is bringing great Blessings and Miracles to the entire community.

Brokeness and Vulberability brings the LORD's to work wonders for his people thro ordinary men and women.

GOD BLESS, Praise and Thank the LORD for our Leadership@CRL.

Kirk Melbourne Australia

Anisha said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Jesus is truly enough for me!!!!

The reflection was so anointed as I read it i felt the love of the Lord surround me.

Praise the Lord!!!!

Johann said...

Praise The Lord !

Thatha your sincere heart rending sharing broke my heart ! Praise The Lord !

Add to that today’s reading from Matthew 18: 1-5 f..

“The disciples came to Jesus and said, “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And He called a child to Himself and set him before them and said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. “And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me”..

In our humanness we do look at you with so much awe & wonder even though we know you are also a tool in Our Mighty Lord’s hands. Looking at the scope of all that is happening & the vision we have in our journey it is so easy for us all to be haughty looking down on the world around us ! and what they utter.

In your sacrificial sharing I understood the covenant relationship with God in the Eucharist…. You leaving the all too human way of life, thinking process & living the life of the Risen Lord! Dying to self & living with the life of God hidden IN CHRIST ! And this is where the ‘painful’ aspect of sacrifice do come in .. yet …it is not so much the pain involved that makes it valuable but the LOVE you have for Our Lord & the desire to belong to HIM entirely. Just as JESUS did …

Again endorsing our pledge for this year ..” It is now not I that live but Christ who lives in me”

As I understand this is the key to HIS kingdom where God reveals Himself with all HIS Glory ! The key the keepers lost for many centuries…

May you be blessed …

Praise The Lord !

visaka said...

How can we know God's Will?

We do not have children. After married for 6 years. If it is the will of God for us not to have children we will definitely obbey him. But how will We know his will?

Thanks for any comments.

Visaka from Sri Lanka

Leshani said...

Praise the Lord!
Thank you Jesus!

I felt the Lords Love as I was saying the words, "Come as you are I Love you!"

Praise the Lord!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Holy Spirit for enlightening Lalith Thaththa to right these words.

Anonymous said...

I need some advise from Lalith Thaththa.

I was a buddhist, my husband is catholic. I converted to a catholic not the day of our marriage in church, but later. God touched me in a way, that I could not describe. I was a critiser of bible and christianity until one day God reveled him self to me through a crisis. My age was 37 when we got married. Since then we do not have children. I have been having many complications in my womb and in ovaries, and had to undergo two major surgeries. After the second surgery, a similar complication ocurred and the western doctors ruled out all the chances of healing or child birth, asking me to remove the womb and ovaries. Currently I am on native medication, recommended by a lady(an aurvedhic gynachologist). When I talk to God and ask him whether we will have a baby he says "yes". I am now 43. If God says we cannot have a baby, we are ready to accept that. I pray the four steps and the rosary every day and read the bible before I go to office each day. I surrender every thing to him to happen his will and not my will. Most of the time I do what God ask me to do.

My question is how to God's will for us. Do I wait on his word.

Ashan said...

Praise the Lord!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Holy Spirit for enlightening Lalith Thaththa to right these words.

Sherine said...

Thank you jesus for giving us Lalith Thaththa

Thank you thaththa, in my financial struggles, eventhough I have so much faith in Lord, I am not depending on Him totally and always tend to look to solutions in the worldy ways(thinking about credit cards/bank loans/my bonus/how much increment I will get so on)I learn from you as my Holy Spirit opening my eyes that I can totally depend on Him because everything belong to Him. I learn from you thaththa the patients and the faith to wait upon Jesus to have an answer from Him.
Thank you Lord Jesus Praise you!

I am sherine from Biyagama, working as an executive secretary for a management consutant firm at kollupitiya. Please thaththa pray for me to have more faith and to build a very close relationship with my Jesus.

Josephine said...


Lalith Thaatha!!! thank YOU Lord Jesus for sending us Lalith Thaatha.Whatever obstacles he has to face, Our Lord Jesus will raise him higher and higher. I always pray for you Lalith thaatha, to have strength and for teaching us to come closer to Our Lord!
God Bless you !!! Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...


I would like to respond to the "Annonymous" Lady with no Children. Well I am also of your same age with no children - but I take it that if it is God's will - so shall it be. Right now, I am the only one out of all my sisters and brothers, that does not have a child and in turn, I am the only one who can help my dear old parents - unlike the rest who have heavy financial commitments and no means or time to even visit them. So in a way I am happy that I am able to take care of them - I used to wonder, if I too had a child or children - how would my parents have managed. So I Praise God and don't regret as such that I have not been blessed with children. However, I do keep that flicker of faith, knowing that despite my age going up - Jesus can touch me and make it possible for me to conceive - Just like Elizabeth did & many other women of age, as told in the holy scriptures. Therefore be strong and don't worry about what others think and say (I know how difficult it is when people keep inquiring or passing remarks about childless women) and trust in the Lord with all your heart - His ways are certainly not our ways, But his way is the best way! When you give yourself to the Lord, you willingly take on His Cross - so if this is our Cross, Let us gladly carry it for the sake of Our Lord with Praise and Thanksgiving !

B - Colombo.